Sunday, December 5, 2010

Strengthened by Shattering

Wednesday Pastor preached part 2 of God in search of man, a series I am personally enjoying. God is using it to grow me and challenge me. I have loved every second. We all broke off into our groups and had some wonderful discussions between each other. My table got into the topic of reasons, is there really a reason for everything or does God give everything a reason?

Pastor Sam covered the famous David and Bathsheba account in the bible. A time that brought David to some huge mistakes all because of his thoughts and where they dwelt. My table agreed that David's first sin was allowing himself to dwell on the woman and to entertain the inappropriate thoughts which led him to act accordingly. We came to Psalms 51:16-17. I asked my table why God desires a broken spirit. We all gave incredible insight to this question. Basically, when something is broken, such a glass cup, or a vase, it shatters, there is no longer a place to put something inside. It is all laying out for all to see, for the one who can pick up the pieces to see where the weak spots are and how to make the vase stronger and resilient. The reason God wants us broken, isn't to see us in pain, but because when we are broken we need someone to mend, we are no longer hiding anything. Sometimes, it takes not just being honest with God, but ourselves to see any real healing and growth.

My prayer is that you would be honest with yourself and evaluate how often you allow God into your daily life and that you find the true strength that comes with being broken.


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